Rainbow Upholsterywas founded by Tom Gharbieh. Living in house of 8 brothers and sisters, some members in the household needed to move in order to contribute to the family's income.

 When Tom was 16 years of age (1962) he had moved out of his house in order to learn the trade of upholstery. He started by mastering the auto upholstery field. He spent 13 years learning the trade of reupholstering in the back seats of cars, vans, buses, etc. Tom then started to expand his upholstery knowledge by getting involved in woodwork and home furnishings. Two years later Tom left Jordan and came to America whereRainbow Upholstery was founded. 26 years later, Tom holds the title of the undisputed champion of upholstery.

 With jobs done for President Carter and The White House, Tom and Rainbow Upholstery are committed to supplying their customers with the highest class quality possible.

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