Why Reupholster?

Looks are everything and the first impression is the most important impression as far as furniture is concerned. As mentioned Rainbow Upholstery  is Maryland, DC, and Virginia's "Top Rated" Upholster according to Washingtonian Magazine, and rated well by other magazines and journals. So now that you've made the clear choice that Rainbow Upholstery is the clear choice, why should you upholster in the first place? Well if your furniture in under 8 years of age and you did not pay a lot for it, YOU SHOULDN'T. Today's products are mostly made with pressed wood which goes bad at the drop of humidity, or gets wet due to flood or spilled drinks. Also once broken it's to the dumpster, no hope. Styrofoam and other replacements occupy the interior of most of these if not all new cheaper furniture.

If the piece you are concerned about is better than the above mentioned description then you will not be able to purchase an equivalent at an inexpensive price therefore YOU SHOULD. Either you will replace the piece with a cheaper one that's on sale at a store, or the opposite, replace it with a good quality piece with your savings account begging for mercy. Most, if not all, furniture over 8 years of age once reupholstered, will not have to be replaced again for a minimum of 10-15 years. Unless you get sick of the fabric or choose the wrong color draperies. Woops!

Typical reupholstering covered by labor usually includes:
  • Stripping of old fabric
  • Stripping the piece down to wooden skeleton
  • Re-tighten the frame
  • and starting all over again

    The labor quoted will not include materials such as fabric, foam, Dacron, coconut hair, down and other extras.

    Also at Rainbow Upholstery you will learn some other items that qualify us to be the best. Such as the service you receive for calling with questions or concerns after work is done, or complete honesty in our opinions about other pieces you are concerned with.

    Most of our fabric already comes Scotch Guarded. However we recommend a stronger much longer lasting treatment as an additional service called Soil Shield. Ask for details.

    Pick up and delivery is available for the metropolitan area. Estimates are $25-$50 depending on your locality, and the fee is waived if you decide to do the job.
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